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Electronically Speaking, Gateway's Got It!

Since 1960

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Established in 1960, Gateway Electronics has been the go-to place for electronics enthusiasts, model railroad & train hobbyists, amateur radio operators (hams), robot builders, airplane fans, teachers, students, kit builders, prototypers, networkers, technicians and tekkies, geeks, gadget lovers, audiophiles, installers, service techs, sound pros, old folks, young folks, and pretty much anyone else who needs electronic parts! 

Our store in St. Louis, MO had aisles of bins with little parts in them, shelves with old and new equipment, racks with wire and cable, and even a few geeky guys behind the counter to console you when you 'let the smoke out' of your project! 

We have always been a brick and mortar store where you can see and touch the parts you want, bounce ideas off fellow shoppers, and exchange friendly banter with other electronics enthusiasts.

Although we are exploring options, our store is closed until further notice.  We'll keep you posted.

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A few more things Gateway's Got...adapters, batteries, battery holders, books, boxes, bridge rectifiers, cables, capacitors, cat5, chemicals, chokes, circuit boards, chokes, circuit breakers, coax cable, coax connectors, coils, computer cables, computer connectors, computer supplies, connectors, copper clad board, crystals, diodes, electrolytics, enclosures, expanding loom, fans, fuses, gadgets, heatshrink, heatsinks, kits, integrated circuits, LEDs, light bulbs, meters, micro switches, motors, patch cables, perf board, plugs, potentiometers, power supplies, push button switches, relays, resistors, rf connectors, rocker switches, slide switches, sockets, soldering irons, spiral wrap, split loom, switches, test probes, test equipment, toggle switches, tools, transformers, transistors, tubes, wall packs, wire...and so much more!

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